January 18, 2022

Working With a Problem Rated “Two”

A couple of weeks back, the conversation about solving problems started. We worked on issues that were a “three,” or not the most serious problems you could have. This week, let’s work on solving a problem you rated on your problems worksheet as a “two.” This is a problem that is a medium-level nuisance in your day; one that, when solved, will improve a distinct […]

January 11, 2022

Happy New Year! How are Your New Year Resolutions Doing?

I watched a show the other night when the moderator asked his guests what New Year resolutions for 2022 they had already broken? They were coming up with some commitments for the year that had already fallen by the wayside. I was thinking of some of the business plans we have all made for the year that are already off track. It seems that they […]

January 4, 2022

Let’s Kick Off 2022 With Some Resolutions You Can Actually Do!

Let’s talk about resolutions that will help your business in the short and long run. The first step is to write down your problems, from A to Z. This will take a day or two. You will notice things that you think are ordinary in the course of your business, but they really are a problem. Two days from now, rank each problem with 1, […]

December 21, 2021

Thinking of Christmas Past

I was reading the blog that I wrote this time last year, as 2021 is coming to an end. The last sentence I wrote was, “Cannot wait to see how the post-COVID world turns out.” It seems appropriate to start this one with the same comment. This year has brought us a long way back, but it still seems we have a long way to […]

December 14, 2021

I Have a Friend In Congress

His name is David Glassmen. You might not have ever heard of him; he is very low-key and really doesn’t do much except plan on getting re-elected every other year. He is not the brightest bulb on the chandelier of government. But he just did our industry a true favor, and didn’t even realize it. You see, David succeeded in passing a bill honoring himself. […]