September 14, 2021

Glass Build Atlanta 2021, From the Show Floor

In my last blog I asked the question “are trade shows worth it?” Well after spending the day at the Glass Build America show in Atlanta I can say yes. If for no other reason, then to see how well our industry is doing after what everyone has been through over the last year. The show has been well attended and the crowd seems excited […]

September 7, 2021

What Does 10,000,000 On Labor Day Mean?

It’s easy. There are roughly 10 million unemployed folks in the U.S. There are roughly 10 million open jobs in the U.S. Should be simple. I see “Help Wanted” signs everywhere I travel. Why aren’t these 10 million unemployed folks going to work? Reason 1. The unemployment benefits have been fairly high, and rightly so under COVID. But it is now time to get back […]

August 31, 2021

Are Trade Shows a Good Investment?

Over the years, I have attended more trade shows than I care to count, both as an exhibitor and attendee. I was always asked and had a hard time answering the question: What was our return on investment (ROI)? In a few weeks, many of you will be asking the same question as you head to GlassBuild America in Atlanta. Exhibitors will be there for […]

August 24, 2021

What Special Glass-Related Software Do You Use In Your Glass Shop?

There are so many packages out there for shower doors, optimization and management of cutting, for fabrication of heavy glass, manufacturing of IG, tempered and lami. Then we get into the metal work, optimizing the cutting, where to drill holes, what degree was that mitre? Let’s talk about software a little bit. Help me on this as it has been 16 years since I ran […]

August 17, 2021

Hiring is Always a Roll of the Dice

Over the years, I have interviewed and hired many people. Most of them, like myself, had no experience in the glass industry. In this economy, it is important to expand your job search beyond the glass industry and assure them that it is essential and will not face COVID-19 related shutdowns. I have read books on interviewing that emphasize what types of questions to ask […]