December 13, 2006

A Quick Trip to Home Depot

By Paul Bieber

Over the weekend I did what we all do, went to Home Depot to get something I was requested to bring home. Now, anyone reading this blog sure is excited…arn’t you…what did Paul buy that was worth writing a blog on?

And the answer doesn’t matter. But what I saw walking in the door should have an impact on all employers who read this note.

On the front door is a HELP WANTED sign, with a little tag line at the bottom: “We test all applicants for illegal drugs”. So if you are taking an illegal drug, do you apply for a really good job at Home Depot? Or do you walk down the street to the next business that doesn’t have this sign in the window.

Now, look at the front door of your Glass Shop, what does your help wanted sign say. If you don’t drug test, you are getting all the people who don’t go through the door at companies that do.

Think about it.

Drop me a note on the Glass Forum or as a post on the blog, and I’ll give you details on how to set up an easy-to-administer drug testing program that will help your safety record and your whole company.