December 6, 2006

It Snowed Yesterday

By Paul Bieber

I woke up yesterday morning and the mountain, normally visible from our house was gone…I went on line, and the world was still here, so it was easy to rule out some of the global problems. An hour later I looked again, and the mountain was back. What a relief. But something changed. It was now white. Moving from tropical Long Island to New Hampshire should have been my first clue. Everyone told me it would snow here, but I didn’t believe. The glass companies were still busy and we all know glass fabricators slow down in the winter. The calendar said “its not winter yet,” so how did I know?

I called a couple of friends in the glass business in New York, and they were really busy. It couldn’t be winter. So, here’s the early results from New Hampshire: Until the glass companies slow down, it is not winter, no matter what my eyes see on the mountain.