December 19, 2006

Southern Comfort

By Paul Bieber

I had a really great dinner with my closest and most respected friend this evening. I was early, he was on time, so I thought about a drink. I looked at the bar and saw a bottle of Southern Comfort, and I bet it tasted better than it looked, but since I was driving… (that’s another story)

Why do they call it Southern Comfort? Because the South is warmer than the North. Of course. This fine whiskey was developed long before Low-E glass made the North more comfortable, and it even works in the South too! Come on glass sellers…the more we show and talk about low-e, whether soft coat, hard coat, or plaid coat, the better our industry will be.

Every job you quote, whether the customer asks for it or not, give an alternate with low-e. You may have to explain a little, or show a sample. Do it. This will help your business, help our industry, and help our country reduce energy waste.