December 22, 2006

What Is So Special About Ninety-Nine

By Paul Bieber

99 is a funny number…

1 is just a plain straight line, 99 has got two smiles, and looks back at you!

99 rolls off the tognue with lots of syllables, not just a boring, easy-to-say 2.

(( if you hold the caps key down 99 looks like this, its cool,
## when you press 3 with the caps key looks like a sports coat pattern in Florida.

99 plus 44 hundreths makes a great soap commerical.

66 could be a really cool number, but the highway got their rights in first, and that means something.

9T9 can be written in a funny way, 7T7 looks hard to read.
So we are left with 99…

Oh by the way, The NY Mets opening day is 99 days away.