December 16, 2006

Would You Pay $100 Million for a Glazier?

By Paul Bieber

The Boston Red Sox just paid about $100,000,000 for a gentleman to throw a baseball for 5 years. They think it is a good investment, which will help in winning ball games, which in the long run will help turn a profit. (In my never ending quest to help others, I offered to do the job for only $50,000,000, but my offer must have been delayed by the holiday mail rush.) Their scouting reports said this guy was worth it, but he had to come to Boston to take a physical before the contract would be effective.

Do you do a lot of homework when you hire a glazier, or any other person in your company? All of us should. When you hire someone you are responsable for their actions. If you hire somewone with a drunk driving conviction on their license, put them in your truck, and the next day they have an accident, you better know the phone number of your lawyer.

Before you hire someone who will drive, tell them the job is conditional on their passing a driving review by your insurance company. Get a copy of the their driver’s license, call your insurance agent and check their driving record. This is a courtesy that every agent should give you…if not…search for a new agent!

It’s your name on the truck. You have the right and frankly the obligation to check on this part of someone’s background. This will protect you in the long run.

If a $100,000,000 pitcher needs a physical to prove what he can do, you can do the same in running your business.