January 2, 2007

My Personal Take on Global Warming

By Paul Bieber

On New Year’s day last year, New Hampshire had over a foot of snow. We have none now. If you believe the National Geographic Channel (and I do), the arctic ice cap is smaller. The Bush administration wants to name Polar Bears as an endangered species because their hunting ground, which is the polar ice cap, is fading away, but Mr. Bush says there is no global warming.

Our country consumes more energy than any other. People say it’s our right. Isn’t it also our obligation to help prevent a world wide problem?

We in the Glass Industry have one of the greatest tools to help this world-wide problem. Use LOW-E wherever you can. When you sell low-e, you are helping your customer, you are helping our world. One tiny-little-bit at a time. Your one sale helps.

If you are in a warm or cold climate, you know the glass that will be the most energy effecient for your region. Is your storefront made of this? I would hope your main fabricator would give you a special deal on a low-e purchase for your own storefront. I urge all fabricators to have your customer’s showrooms looking like a modern showroom. They more they sell, the more you sell.

Don’t be afraid of low-E. Recommend thermal-break aluminum, talk about warm-edge IG. Sell these as fenestration products that help your customer, and by the way, help the whole world too.

Please go to USGNN Glass Forum and ask questions about low-E. Tell us what problems you have selling low-E, and we will get you answers and suggestions.