January 22, 2007

What Do You Think of Today’s News?

By Paul Bieber

A lot of people write blogs like this and tell you what to think. I’m guilty of this. Some really smart people are in Sarasota, Fla., thinking through the future of our glass and metal industry. They are guilty of this too. It sure is frustrating for writers to tell the world what to do, and the world doesn’t listen.

There is a great place to go, though, where people do listen, and most care about what you have to say. Go to the website: www.congress.org. Type in your zip code, and you can e-mail your Congressional representatives.

Pro or con, dove or hawk, this is the way to make America work better. We have to plan business, with events like Glass Week, but every once in a while, with a few minutes free on your computer, write a note to your Senator. While the elected representatives won’t read every note, they do get summaries from their staffers. Your voice counts.

Do this with your kids, and when they ask you what something means, take five minutes and explain your position. If you can explain it so that your child understands, you know your postion well. By the way, if your kids disagree, then you have taught them to think for themselves.

Here is the business part: If you agree or disagree with USGlass & Metal, our editorials and comments, or you just want to make a point, you can e-mail us at usglassmag.com and click on the Glass Forum on the right-hand column. Write us, write your Congressman, write the President. Don’t be surprised when you get an answer!