February 19, 2007

Chinese New Year and Low-E Glass

By Paul Bieber

Happy New Year if you are celebrating the Year of The Pig, also known as the Year of DingHai, or if you are number person, the year 4074. My wife, Elaine, is making shrimp fried rice to celebrate the occasion. Elaine is great with a wok and I have been chopping vegetables for an hour. Elaine went to the store around 3:00 to get a few extra ingredients, and when she came home I saw she also bought twelve white plastic storage boxes. These boxes are about 12″ wide, 20″ long, 8″ high, and come with a top that snaps on. They appear to be fairly rugged and well made. And by now, you are correctly predicting these were made in China.

Eighty-Eight Cents.

The Super-Market sells these for 88 cents. No coupons, not on special. We used to put our ‘stuff’ in shoe boxes, but for 88 cents, who can resist?

Elaine bought twelve of them because they fill a need helping us organize our house. Did she think about buying domestic boxes?


Did she think she was encouraging Chinese domination of the world economy?


She just bought what filled her need. There were no other boxes in the story. The store stocked these because they were able to resell at a low price and still make a profit. Eighty-eight cents a box, including the perfectly fitting lid. Made eight thousand miles away, packed, shipped, and the retailer made money selling at eighty-eight cents.

All because we needed some soy sauce to go on the fried rice in honor of the Year of the Pig.

The super market had the boxes, and they filled a need for our house.

Do you have low-E in your store? Do you have a sample window showing how clear low-E is? Has your glass fabricator created sample units with low-E, so someone walking in for the equivalent of soy sauce sees that you have low-E and when they need to buy windows, or a storefront, they will think of low-E?

Do you have low-E in your own storefront? Do you have a sign that says: This is energy-saving glass!

Fancy isn’t needed. Just plant the seed–We sell low-E energy savings glass. Have you kids write it in crayon. Type it in your word processor. Shout it from the roof tops…We have low-E energy savings glass. You will sell more of it. If the local super market in the middle of New Hampshire makes money at eighty-eight cents for a box…you know what I’m saying.