June 26, 2007

What Do You Look for in a Tempered Glass Supplier

By Paul Bieber

On the pages of USGlass News Forum I wrote the top ten list of statements you don’t want to hear from a temperer, so let’s take a serious look at tempering suppliers.

In creating a list of characteristics of tempering suppliers, there are 75 features that came to mind. Some are petty and some are extremely important.

Number a page 1-25, and write in the numbers of those characteristics from the most important to those of lesser importance. E-mail your list to paulbaseball@msn.com, or fax to 603-242-3527. We’ll post a summary of your replies in three weeks.

1. Can do 1/8.

2. Can do 5/8.

3. Can do 3/4.

4. Can do as small as 6 x 6.

5. Can do as small as 12 x 12.

6. Capacity up to 72 wide.

7. Capacity up to 84 wide.

8. Capacity up to 96 wide.

9. Capacity up to 120 wide.

10. Capacity up to 168 long.

11. Capacity up to 180 long.

12. Capacity up to 200 long.

13. Can mitre and bevel front and back.

14. Can polish and mitre shaped glass.

15. Cuts shapes with a water jet.

16. Has automated and consistent shape catalog.

17. Stocks all standard colors.

18. Stocks 3 or more patterns of obscure glass.

19. Stocks 3/8 pattern glass for shower doors.

20. Is also a laminator.

21. Is also an insulator.

22. Sells only to the glass trade on a wholesale basis.

23. Does ceramic frit spandrel.

24. Does opaci-coat(tm) spandrel.

25. Does silk screen patterns for spandrel or vision.

26. Manufactures all glass entrance systems.

27. Stocks door hardware for resale.

28. Provides engineering services for all glass doors.

29. Stocks shower door hardware for resale.

30. Helps with designs for shower doors for free.

31. Helps with designs for shower doors for a fee.

32. Meets ASTM standards for quality.

33. Exceeds ASTM standards for quality.

34. All glass marked with accurate shipping labels.

35. Shower doors are wrapped and protected.

36. On time exceeds 90%.

37. On time exceeds 95%.

38. On time exceeds 98%.

39. Remakes are next day.

40. Remakes are 3 days.

41. Design help for wind load, thermal stress, weight.

42. Union shop.

43. Non-union shop.

44. Crane equipped flat bed trucks.

45. Ability to hoist above first floor.

46. Minimum pricing of 5 sq ft.

47. Minimum pricing of 7 sq ft.

48. Minimum pricing of 10 sq ft.

49. Pricing based on size of particular order.

50. Consistent pricing regardless of order size.

51. Open account terms.

52. Cash discount for prompt payment.

53. Accepts credit card payments.

54. Friendly telephone support.

55. Knowledgeable telephone support.

56. Friendly field sales support.

57. Knowledgeable field sales support.

58. Independent company.

59. Part of large national company.

60. Does advertising that helps your shop.

61. Communicates well on problems.

62. Communicates well on down-time.

63. Protects you if your customer calls for pricing.

64. Company has and follows ethical standards.

65. Boxes glass according to schedules.

66. Will ship to job sites.

67. Will ship to secure job sites, like airports.

68. Has useful web site.

69. Allows direct ordering via web site.

70. Gives order status via web site.

71. Sends samples for free.

72. Charges for samples.

73. Understands heat soaking.

74. Does heat soaking.

75. Anything else you want_____________.