July 16, 2007

Many Shades of White, The Easy Way

By Paul Bieber

This past week I was discussing laminated glass with a client and remembered this inexpensive way to make some unique glass. We once had a customer ask for a glass facade made up of many shades of white glass, going from darker to lighter up the building.

We suggested using laminated glass, two lights of Starphire(tm), with two .030 white interlayers for the base. The next step was using one .030 white and one .015 white. The next was one .030 white, and the top was one .015 white along with an .015 clear. Each step was just a little bit lighter in color intensity. We made a mock-up, the customer loved it, and we sold a nice job. The alternative would have been sandblasting with different grits. Using lami was cleaner looking and less expensive.

We made alternate samples changing one lite of the lami to acid etched glass, which doubled the number of shades of white. The customer stayed with just the original four shades. This was an easy way to create additional color change in white glass.

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