August 27, 2007

A Blunt Reply to a Ding-Dong in the Glass Business

By Paul Bieber

I received an anonymous email from a reader that accused me of being in the employ of the glass manufacturers because I strongly advocate the use of low-E glass.

Anytime Mr. or Ms. Stupidly Anonymous wishes to view my bank deposit records they are welcome; but that will never happen because they don’t want to speak in person.

I, and the others who write here, promote low-e glass because it is a better product for consumers. The cost-payback is usually low, under two or three years. The benefits last forever. Low-E has everything going for it, except universal knowledge.

Mr. and Mrs. DingDong installed plate glass all their lives and they are not going to change now.

If you still aren’t sure about low-E, drop me a note at and I will answer your questions, or get someone who can. I hope that everyone who reads USGlass, and the News Forum quotes and installs low-E every day.