October 9, 2007

Some Thoughts from Glass Expo™ Midwest in Grand Rapids

By Paul Bieber

Greetings from Grand Rapids, Mich. I feel like a foreign correspondent reporting back home. It is always exciting to be at a glass trade show, in any part of the country. I just have a few minutes, and I want to pass on one key observation.

Glass shop owners and glass industry leaders are here asking and answering questions of each other. I overheard a fabricator asking a customer how could he improve his service, and I observed shop owners getting information on new products.

The point is, people here are learning how to improve their businesses and our industry. And, these people are our current and future leaders. People who want to learn make time to do it. They budget precious dollars to get this learning experience. And they profit by it.

You don’t have to travel to Grand Rapids; you don’t have to spend money. Dealers associations work hard to disseminate information. Magazines publish articles that will inform you in the various segments of our industry. All you have to do is be committed to learn, invest your time in teaching yourself, and then teach your company.

So, do you budget time and money to learn? Trust me, it is worth it.