February 8, 2009

Spring Training Starts This Week, or How Your Attitude Effects Your Glass Business

By Paul Bieber

Play Ball! No two words in the English language offer a better attitude adjustment. Spring is just around the corner. You will change from heavy mittens to leather gloves used to shag a fly ball, and with spring here, you will smile more and have an improved frame-of-mind for your glass business.

Of all the things your can bring to work each day, the most important is your attitude towards work and your co-workers.

You, Mr. or Ms. Owner have the greatest impact on your employees through your everyday interactions with them. If they see you frowning, they will frown. If you scream, they will too. But…you are worried about the economy, and that your employees are on reduced hours, or laid off, and you wonder what will happen to your years of sweat equity.

You can and should have these concerns, but if you let them weigh you down, you have have a harder uphill battle to conquer them. Share your concerns with your employees, making them partners in the rebuilding or repositioning of your company. In my consulting business, I speak with many glass shop owners and I can tell you that he ones that share problems and solutions with people down the line, have greater success financially than the owners that keep it bottled up within themself!

Your employees have as much at stake as you do…it is their future as an employee that has them equally concerned as you think about your future as an employer. You might have an extra $ in the pot, but from a people point of view, everyone has the same caring about the future of your business.

Your attitude adjustment should start now. You can be in a problem solving mode and still smile. You can thank an employee for a special effort on a task, without bringing up you hope they have a job tomorrow. You are the one that has to lead your company out of rough times.

Your attitude is infectious witin your organization. If you make your employees smile, they will sell more goods. They will install products with fewer callbacks. Together you can pull a company through a tough and ugly economy. There is no way you can do it without your team.

And since we started this blog about baseball … well … go Mets!