August 6, 2009

Cash for Clunkers–The Glass Option

By Paul Bieber

You have heard the news…everyone is getting their rebate from Uncle Sam for their old cars. What about us? Uncle is helping the car dealers. I demand a program for consumers who want to turn in their old, ineffecient insulating glass from the 70’s and 80’s.

I want a government handout program for each clear annealed unit replaced with sputter coated low-e on hurricane resistant lami. And then rebate a higher price for every unit with argon. Fair is fair. The government bought GM and is now putting together a sale to sell more GM cars. I want the government to buy some glass companies, and then start a Cash for Glass program.

Write your Congressman. Write your fabricators and insisit that they go bankrupt so the government can bail them out. It will be good for the economy if one of these big fancy fabricators voluntarily lost enough money to cause bankruptcy. Who will be the first to volunteer? Oldcastle, step up for the good of America. Arch, stick your neck out. Vitro, you almost did this last month…come on, due it now and you will help Mexico and the USA.

Energy savings with low-E is better than getting an extra mile per gallon, of course it is. Come on Barack, buy a fabricator or two, and then let’s see the rebate program!