August 17, 2009

Follow-up on Cash for Glass

By Paul Bieber

OK, it was a radical idea. Having our major floaters and fabricators all go bankrupt so the government would buy them, just like the car companies. But, I heard from many readers who suggested which glass companies should go down the tubes.

No one company led the race to the bottom. It seemed that just about everybody had someone willing to volunteer them for bankruptcy.

The disappointing part is that I didn’t hear from any floaters or fabricators stepping up and doing the volunteer thing. Not one patriotic company out there, willing to give it all up for the good of the industry. I had the letter ready to go, the one to Congress urging that the US government buy___________Glass Company (just waiting to fill in the blank), and start the rebate program.

Such is life, another good idea from your friendly blogger goes down the drain. This year I have been cheering for the Mets, predicting a strong economy by the 3rd quarter, and now, hoping for a major bankruptcy.

I hope your summer has been better.

Next week we’ll get serious again, going back to our series on interviewing.