October 25, 2009

USGlass News—Oct. 27, 2019

By Paul Bieber

Here is the what the glass news for, October 27, 2019, would look like if written by a blogger that has way too much time on his hands and a mind that wanders.

Singapore. CR Laurence, the sprawling Los Angeles based supplier of everything for the glass industry opened their 265th distribution center, located in Singapore. Don Friese, Chairman of CRL Worldwide, was on hand for the ribbon cutting. The famous CRL catalog is now available in 35 languages, serving the 54 different countries where CRL has a warehouse.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. PPG denied the rumor, again, that the glass division is up for sale. The offer from the government of China was made public this week on the glass channel, a large industry-specific cable/satellite channel, available in over two billion homes across the world. PPG, the innovator of bio-luminescent paint has seen glass sales slip to 1% of their company’s two and half trillion dollars of sales. The Chairman of PPG said, “Now that PPG Bio Paint is used in every home in the world, glass has slipped a little in focus, but we will not forget our past.” Most outsiders agree that if the price were right, the glass division would be sold.

New York City, New York. The Freedom Tower has been given it’s building permit by the City of New York. The Tower, clad in standard three-inch IG, made with Blast-Resistant, ninth generation Low-E, should be ready for occupancy by 2021, in time for the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack.

Owatonna, Minnesota. ViraArch has announced the purchase of the Grayson Glass Company from Cleveland. The new company will be called ViArGra. The officers of the new company have promised a hard effort to please their customers and stockholders.

Cleveland, Ohio. Speaking of Cleveland, the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame is still made of glass, and that is the only news from Cleveland.

Toledo, Ohio. The Mayor of Toledo wants to know why we are speaking of Cleveland; isn’t Toledo the glass capital of Ohio?

Midland, Michigan. Dow Corning has announced their newest silicone product. Each tube of Dow 34567 has three colors in each tube, so you never have the wrong silicone with you on the truck. Dow is working on a new name for the tri-colored silicone. VanChocStraw Silicone has already been passed over.

Dublin, Ireland. Oldcastle has announced that the glass division now makes up over 50% of the company’s revenue. The purchase of the entire glass production of Japan has been credited with helping the glass division’s growth.

Somewhere in New Mexico. The giant (249 sq mile) solar collector which will supply electricity to the Southwest US has continued its construction on schedule. With the glass front plate being delivered from Viet Nam, about 10,000 sq ft per day is being assembled. At this rate, it will only take 1,902 years to complete the installation. The owner’s rep has commented that with the low costs of labor, the Vietnamese glass is cost effective for this type of job.

Garisonville, Virginia. USGlass Magazine has announced their participation in the ear chip program. This allows USGlass readers to have a computer chip embedded in their scalp to continuously receive the USGlass News, and highlights from the glass channel 24 hours a day, with limited commercial interruption. The chip will be free to qualified readers.

Miami, Florida. Max Perilstein’s two-hour, daily, show on the glass channel has received the award for excellence from the Florida ASPCA, for Max’s in-depth story on how some Florida Marlins lived through a vicious attack by some Pirates from the Pittsburgh area. We know Max’s love of fish stories.

Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire. Paul Bieber’s glass blog continues to hit new lows with bad jokes and weird columns. This has been an ongoing trend for many years, and looks likely to continue.