October 19, 2009

Why Did Bieber the Blogger Go to Cooperstown?

By Paul Bieber

Why did Bieber the Blogger go to Cooperstown?

I am here to tell the glass universe that there is indeed glass in the Baseball Hall Of Fame. This is a pure research mission in my quest to learn more about the uses of our great product.

And, if you believe that….

My wonderful wife, Elaine, gave me a three day trip here as a gift for a recent birthday. I feel like a kid in a candy shop. Just about everyone who know me knows that I enjoy baseball, and since Cooperstown is the center of the universe, here we are.

Elaine and I arrived here this morning, spent the day looking at old baseballs and uniforms, and I can tell you, it just doesn’t get better than this.

So, since this is supposed to be a glass blog, here is what I have to report:

  • Not a darn thing!

I’ll catch you next week with a real column about glass; until then, Elaine and I are on vacation. See you soon.