November 23, 2009

A Little Story

By Paul Bieber

Here is a little story that is appropriate(?) for this time of year.

John and Priscilla Hastings had a little glass shop in Plymouth, Massachusetts. They repaired broken picture frames, replaced IG, polished a few mirrors and repaired some screens. Their main goal in life was to plant a seed in their son, John Junior, to become a manager of their shop. One day, Priscilla sent Junior out to a job at 1620 Cranberry Lane, just off Pilgrim Highway. On the way out of Plymouth, Rock93, a local radio station had a contest: The ninth caller would win a long weekend on Cape Cod.

Junior didn’t win.

He arrived at Sam and Mary Squanto’s house at lunch time. As he was measuring the mirror to be replaced, Mary offered him a turkey sandwich. Junior, who stopped at Wendy’s on the way, said he was stuffed, but was thankful for the offer. Mary then asked him if he would like a piece of pumpkin pie for desert. Junior was still full, so he asked if he could take a piece home for his family dinner. Just as Mary said, “You may”, Flower, her cat jumped on the pie and left a permanent paw print in the last piece.

Junior left without his pie.

He fiddled on his radio, caught the baseball scores, where the Red Sox beat the Indians. It was the fourth Thursday in a row that the Red Sox won a game, but they were still out of the running for the fall classic. Junior was looking forward to football season anyway. Even though it’s corny, Junior liked the tailgating and the feasts at the Patriot’s games.

His next stop was at May and Mike Cees’ house. The Cees had a hole in a screen, which Junior could fix right in his truck. It seems there was a parade of insects at May Cees’ house, coming through the screen.

After he left the Cees’ house, the sky started turning black. “Friday is a bad day for a thunderstorm”, Junior thought. Since he didn’t get his pie earlier, he stopped at the First Harvest Diner, for a piece of apple pie. He was working on a crossword puzzle, looking for a ten letter word meaning ‘horn of plenty’, when his cell phone rang. Priscilla wanted him to come home for a family dinner. He read the latest issue of US Glass Magazine at the table, spilling gravy all over it. Junior thought it was the best issue he ever made a mess of.

Since this is a short work week, this is a short blog. Stick a fork in it–it’s done. Just in case you didn’t catch it—Happy Thanksgiving.