December 28, 2009

Why Does a Duck Need a Raincoat?

By Paul Bieber

Because it keeps them dry when it rains. I bet you knew that all along.

You see, I bought my wife a duck with a raincoat to put in her collection of ducks in the bay window. (Of course, you, too, have such a collection, I’m sure.) It is adorable, silly, and we don’t have another one like it.

I have been in thousands of glass shops, and every single one seems to have a duck in a raincoat.

Look around your shop. You will see pieces of this, cutoffs of that, samples galore and half finished jobs that will never be restarted because the customer’s deposit check bounced. Look in your showroom for displays of products that you no longer sell. Search through your own display window to pull out the faded literature and signs. Look at your trucks, and throw away every rock-hard half used tube of silicone. If you throw away 500 pounds of broken glass and short metal pieces from the back of your truck, you will pick up two miles per gallon. Take that to the bank.

If we declare January to be “The National Glass Industry Fill Your Dumpster Month”, your shops will be cleaner, your safety record will improve because you deep-sixed the clutter, and your crews will be more productive.

Update your show room with products you sell now, not what you sold three years ago. The items in your showroom or near your cash register should be the ones that you make the most profit on. Put your weakest profit items in the farthest part of the store.

As for the Ducks with Raincoats in your store, put ’em out in the rain, wish them good luck, and go back to work.