February 28, 2010

The Boring Glass Industry

By Paul Bieber

My main consulting business is within the glass industry. Occasionally I am recommended to a client in an unrelated field. Which is how I came to spend 5 days in Washington, D.C., this past week. It doesn’t hurt that both my children live here. Really, two days consulting and three wonderful days with the kids.

I couldn’t help but hear and read the local news, which is all politics. After readings Sunday’s paper, I realized we are boring. Follow me—

Mark Sandford, the Governor of South Carolina imports his girl friend from Argentina. The glass industry brings in sidelites for Chevys.

President Obama and the Senate argue about national health care. Our great debate is amount of argon left in a unit after ten years.

The world is trying to unite South and North Korea. We are happy that Sommer & Maca joined CRL.

The State Department is wondering if Iran has a plant that really can make nuclear weapons. We wonder if Oldcastle Glass will close another plant.

The national press wants to know if John Edwards fathered a baby with his girlfriend. Actually, so do we.

Congress spends billions of dollars on pork. Most glass shops can’t afford to buy a pulled pork sandwich for the men out back.

The government is spending billions to create jobs. Most of these jobs in the glass industry will be installing Chinese glass.

Congress is concerned with the recall of millions of Toyotas. We are concerned with returning a shower door that is too warped.

The election of Senators and Congressmen is in the news. I think we vote for the NFRC members.

The Tea Party is in every conversation and newspaper story about the elections in November. We are anticipating baseball’s opening day in April.

And so on….