February 6, 2010

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

By Paul Bieber

We live in on the side of a mountain in New Hampshire. Both of my kids live in Washington, D.C., and they have had more snow there than Elaine, Mollie and I have here … What is wrong with this picture?

Glass manufacturers are laying off and closing. Yet, every thing I read says that energy savings windows and doors should be in every home and office. What’s wrong with this picture?

Glass shops have laid off just about everyone they can, yet it is still hard to find good workers. Did we have that many bad workers on our books?

McDonald’s sales are up because of their low-priced ‘Dollar Menu’…Float glass costs about a dollar…why aren’t glass sales up?

The glass for the World Trade Center tower came from China. Maybe buying from the cheapest is not the best idea?

Solutia took two years to clear its bankruptcy, Arch took two months.

Tiger Wood’s endorsement fees are very low now…most glass shops can afford him for a Saturday afternoon autograph session.

The auto glass business is consolidating out every local auto glass installer.

Pretty soon we will have to consult a computer modeling program to replace the glass in an 8 x 10 picture frame.

We have 40,000,000 people without medical insurance. Isn’t that more important than anything?

If we can’t play well in the Washington sandbox, how can we expect our kids to play well in the backyard sandbox?

Yes, energy efficiency is important, but don’t ‘they’ realize that a well designed glass building is beautiful as well as efficient?

There is no inheritance tax in 2010. If you are planning to die, and you want your spouse to get your money…do it now.

Why is Glass Week only five days?

How come the carpenters swear the walls are always straight, but the shower door is out of square?

Why does it cost more than a glazier makes in a week to take his family to a football game?

Can a whole glass shop take steroids to get larger during the recession?

Over 15,000 people died directly from drunk driving automobile accidents in 2007. Around six died from falling into annealed table tops. Where are our priorities?

If the glass shop nearest you only hires drivers after a drug and alcohol test, and you don’t test, think about which applicants come to your door.

When glass breaks two years after it is installed, why is it the glass shop’s fault?

If ten contractors bid on a building, why is one always 20% cheaper?

Why have you read this blog all the way to here? Don’t you have something better to do?