April 3, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray! It’s Opening Day

By Paul Bieber

You knew it. Today’s blog just had to be about baseball. No best practices, no tips to improve things in the glass business. Just the celebration of the first pitch. Spring is here. Summer is knocking on the door. But, wait, this still has to tie into US Glass somehow. Let’s try a few things.

Let’s write a petition to Deb Levy (The Publisher of USGlass Magazine) asking her to change the magazine’s format to covering baseball instead of glass. You’re right … no chance.

Let’s have the NGA buy the Washington Nationals.

We can ask DuPont to make sentry glass into a baseball bat shape, and we’ll have no more broken bats.

Glass Week should be changed from Las Vegas to Arizona so that attendees can go to spring training games instead of hitting the blackjack tables.

How about if every glass shop in America sponsored a Little League team, and sent employees to every game to cheer for their kids!

On opening day, every team is in first place. Do the same thing for your employees. Give everyone a fresh start and maybe the guy on the screen table will start showing up on time.

If you live in New York, Baltimore/Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, or San Francisco you have two teams in your town. Have all customers who come into your shop vote for their favorite team. Call a local radio station and tell them about your vote and maybe one of them will put you on a sports talk show with periodic updates of the vote. Go for it.

Start advertising that all walk-in business gets a 5% discount the day after the home team wins a game.

Give your employees a team hat on opening day. Let them wear them for the season. It will build morale.

Take a good customer to a ball game. You have fun at the game, and spend a couple of hours with a customer.

Place the local radio station that carries your team on your music on hold. People will be glad to be on hold if they can listen to the game.

And let’s all together sing: (to the tune of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”)

Take me out to a glass shop

A new shower door awaits me

Tempered or beveled it will be great

Just don’t let it be broken or late.

It’s quote, quote, quote for the best price

Service has got to count

For it’s glass, hinge, shape and more

At the old glass shop.