May 11, 2010

Would You Like to be a Guest Blogger?

By Paul Bieber

Is there something you want to say to our industry? Do you have a success story to share? Can you tell us why our glass industry, even in recessionary times, is exciting?

Write a blog—serious or funny—teaching or asking for help—biographical or technical, and the glass industry will hear your words.

We will try to publish all blogs, but we can’t publish a blog that compares pricing or vendors, disparages a single company or product, or promotes your own firm or products.

Send your blog via email to: We won’t edit for style or content, it is your blog. (although we may help you with spelling or punctuation) It is your blog. Speak up.

If you have an idea you want to discuss before writing, drop me a note with an outline. I’ll be glad to review it with you.

Let the writer in you come out. Write a blog of 300-800 words, and you can tell your family that you are going to be on the web as a guest of Paul.