September 28, 2010

Ace Glassman Takes Over The Trump Scandal Reporting

By Paul Bieber

This is your hard-hitting, suave, multi-talented investigative reporter Ace Glassman reporting on the now infamous TRUMP TRUMPS NORTH AMERICAN WINDOW MANUFACTURERS scandal.

A quick review, last week Donald Trump, bragging on Fox News, that he had just ordered thousands of windows and they were made in Asia. He went on to ask why aren’t windows made in the US?

I, Ace Glassman, have taken this on as a personal crusade. My network of industry sources is unparalleled. I received reports from around the world. Donald didn’t mention which building he was referring to in his rant on Fox. But we found out. As a suave and multi-talented reporter I cannot reveal my sources. Here is hint though, SM reported that the building is the Trump Tower in Toronto.

Your suave, multi-talented reporter took it from there. The Toronto Tower is part hotel and part condos, with the condo’s starting at $2 Million. To me that means one unit is two million, and the rest are a lot more. Certainly Donald couldn’t be penny-pinching on such a magnificent project. Extensive and intense work revealed that Donald is only a minority owner of this property. His name is on the building because The Donald is hot now. He sells. He sizzles. And he does this at the expense of North American workers and companies. Did the message come down from on high? Cut every penny no matter who it hurts? Did someone give someone an extra egg roll? Would the man who made all his money in America suddenly turn his back on it?

LT asked me if any North American companies bid on the project. Your suave, multi-talented reporter, Ace Glassman, can’t answer that question folks. I need help. Have you quoted or bid on any part of this job? Did you loose the bid because you didn’t send an order of fried rice along with the blueprints?

In my extensive industry knowledge, there are at least twenty companies in the US and Canada that could have bid on this job. I found out that some are more expensive than others, but usually because of a higher quality standard. Some manufacturers appeal to the budget apartment building owner, and there are definitely some that appeal to the Trump image. (I found out that there is even one company that fired one of its apprentices.)

There is one documented time, in 1997 that the Donald was wrong on something. IT (another confidential source), told me, and she should know. Could this be the next big error on Donald’s part? Do we have news here?

Send me all you know, Ace Glassman, your suave and multi-talented glass investigative reporter will never reveal a source. Let’s see what really happened here.

PS. You can ignore that Bieber guy behind the keyboard. I, Ace Glassman, your suave and multi-talented investigative reporter have my own email address: You can write to me anytime.