October 4, 2010

Mr. Trump, Can We Talk?

By Paul Bieber

Dear Mr. Trump,

My name is Ace Glassman, suave and multi-talented investigative reporter for the glass industry. I invite you to meet the United States Glass and Window Industry at the New York/Long Island glass industry trade show on March 17, 2011. We will provide a limo to pick you up in Manhattan and bring you to the most important glass event in the New York region.

Here you will meet AMERICAN window manufacturers and installers. Here you will meet real working Americans. Sure, we like Chinese food, and we celebrate Chinese New Year. But, we make windows here–in North America.

Between the US and Canada, we make the best windows in the world!

Mr. Trump, we will treat you like a movie star, give you a private room to comb your hair before we interview you, and we will help you buy your next project with North American made windows.

Our glass trade unions have plenty of apprentices for you to pick from. Our aluminum extruders use energy produced in Niagara Falls. Our glass comes from the sand of our country.

I, Ace Glassman, suave and multi-talented reporter, will be there to lead you through the trade show, introducing you to the right people. I will stand in front of you so no one will throw rotten tomatoes at you. What more could you ask for?

Mr. Trump, write me at aceglassman@msn.com. When we tell everyone that you are coming to learn how to buy American, the country will be proud of you, your ratings will go up, your buildings will be more in demand. Mr. Trump, I received over five emails last week regarding this issue. This week, I expect eight! This is a growing grass-roots movement. My readers won’t be buying condos in your buildings if you don’t show up.

Mr. Trump, thank you, I look forward to seeing you on St. Patrick’s Day.

Ace Glassman

Suave and multi-talented investigative reporter.