October 18, 2010

Will This Be My Last Blog for USGlass?

By Paul Bieber

I have sent out my resume, followed up with a phone call, and any day now, I expect the call telling me the job is mine. When that happens, regretfully, my blogging days will be over. A little history here will help.

Last week the Mets, my favorite baseball team, released their General Manager, Omar Minaya, and their Field Manager, Jerry Manuel. I am not qualified to be the field manager, even though that is tough to admit. But, there is no doubt in my mind I can do the General Manager’s job.

Here is my list of qualifications that I sent to Fred Wilpon, the owner of the Mets.

  • I love baseball and will never skip out of work.
  • I met Fred Wilpon once, shook his hand, and he said it was an honor to meet me. I am sure he will remember that as our first interview.
  • I ran the annual player draft at our youth baseball league for many years. I learned how to qualify players skills and attitudes. (Really, the main reason a kid was drafted was whose Mom made the best team snacks.)
  • I have been to hundreds of Mets games, and still watch every game, even here in New Hampshire.
  • I have actually thrown out a first pitch at Mets game, met all the players, and they showed me great respect. It would be easy to pick up from that point.
  • I collect baseball cards, so I know all the player’s stats, and know who to trade for.
  • Negotiating my salary will be easy…I will pay whatever Mr. Wilpon wants.

So that’s my story. This blog has been great fun and I will truly miss it. The odds are in my favor to get this job, but if for some reason I don’t, I’ll be back with you next week.