December 13, 2010

A Glass Chimney Kit for the Santa in Your Family

By Paul Bieber

Finally, the Christmas Gift that can be sold through glass shops. Every handy-man will want one. Kids love them because you can see Santa come down the chimney. And, glass shops love them because you can make a small fortune selling them.

These kits, from the Bieber Blog Big Business Bureau, are only being sold to the glass industry. This is our chance to become the Christmas store of choice for America. Forget the big chains, forget the fancy on-line stores; sign up now to be the local distributor of the Glass Chimney Kit and be ready to start counting the dollars.

The kit comes in three sizes–12 feet, 16 feet and 20 feet tall. Here is what you get in the standard 16 foot package:

  • 8 pieces of 1/2 temp, polished edges, 36 x 96
  • 4 special glass clamps, 2 red, 2 green
  • 3 tubes of clear silicone
  • detailed instructions on how to build your chimney, written in 4 different languages of your choice

For the extra large Santa in your life, for only 10% more, we will make the glass 48 x 96!

This kit only costs you, as a glass industry special, $19.00. You can easily sell this for $39.00. The bright red and green packaging, with a picture of Santa smiling will sell the chimney for you.

Because this is such a super offer, we are limiting participation to the first 300 glass shops that place their orders. The minimum order is only 100 kits, in assorted sizes. All you have to do is send $1900, in unmarked hundred dollar bills. The kits will be sent to you, freight prepaid, the next day. The only job you have left is to set up your display and count your profits.

The Bieber Blog Big Business Bureau wishes you a very happy holiday. Be sure to send your $1900 via overnight mail so you can get your kits quickly.