March 15, 2011

Larry Tumminia is an Economic Genius

By Paul Bieber

Sure, as glass man, Larry knows his stuff. He is the partner of Tom Zaccone in Northeast Laminated Glass, and worked for years to make himself known as Mr. AFG in the Northeast.

But an economist?

In a recent email exchange he gave me the greatest economics idea I have heard during the current recession. It started with a simple hello and how are things, from Larry. I replied that things were slow all over, and wondered when the business would pick up. Larry replied, kind of tongue-in-cheek that it will pick up on May 7.

That’s when the lightbulb went on over my head. (yes, it was a compact flourescent) You see, we are all waiting for the economy to recover before we invest in growing our own businesses. But without investment in plant, equipment and people, the economy won’t grow. Which means we will not pull out of the recession on our own. We have to wait for the government to stimulate us.

So, if we all followed Larry’s advice here is what will happen. Everybody in the US economy declares May 7th, as the day the recession will end. We all start investing to be ready for the morning of the 7th. And that will, in itself, start the economy going. It is a perfect circle. This is true for all industries in all facets of our economy. If we all did it, it will work!

It is so simple and yet so elegant. Larry solved the economic issue of the decade.

So, when you need economic advice (or even lami), call Northeast Laminated Glass and ask for Larry.

I am getting ready to attend the Northeast Glass Expo on Long Island—hope to see you there.