April 19, 2011

The Top Ten Ways To Guarantee Losing A Sale

By Paul Bieber

Or, to put it another way, if you don’t do any of these, you have a chance to earn a sale based on the pricing, quality and reliability of your service. Keep these in mind during your next visit with a customer!

10. Show up late for your initial appointment or walk-thru.

9. Answer your customer’s questions with made up answers, hoping they will never check up on you.

8. Forget to put your phone on vibrate or answering your phone while talking with a potential client.

7. Walk into a client meeting with a cigarette lit, or eating something.

6. Tell a potential client they “are wrong” instead of suggesting alternatives positively.

5. Brag about your grandchildren instead of your key employees who will work on the job!

4. While you are trying to sound like a big firm, tell the customer you are so busy you don’t know when you can get to the work.

3. Talk up your political point of view on your first visit.

2. Tell an off-color or insensitive joke.

1. Bad-mouth your competitors.

So it is easy—follow Paul’s ten easy rules to lose a sale and you don’t have to worry about hiring people, buying inventory or worry about scheduling.