May 16, 2011

Do You Have Backup Lights on Your Buffalo?

By Paul Bieber

Suppose you are out for a day’s ride on your pet buffalo (OK, bison), and you realize that you were supposed to turn left at the last tree and you went straight ahead. So, you put your buffalo in reverse and go back and take the turn. Now, a buffalo goes slow enough that you don’t need backup lights or a beeper. And if this is at night, you shouldn’t be backing up on your buffalo anyway.

The bottom line is: who the heck cares…but speaking of backups…

Last week my trusty five-year old best friend, Paul’s laptop, folded its keys and went for the long sleep. No warning. It is now recycled.

And I didn’t panic. even though I couldn’t transfer my data to my new best friend. I had my laptop backed up to an extra hard drive and on one of the internet back up services. The on line service cost about $60 a year, which is the best insurance I ever bought.

Hey out there…every small business that doesn’t have an IT person in your company, it is your job to back up your computer every day and make sure your backup is in a different location than your computer. Every day some one’s business is hit by lightning, or a flash flood, or a drop from the side of your desk.

Don’t wait, place an external drive on your computer (usually under $100) or search for ‘online backup’ on Google or Bing. Do it now. Don’t wait, and don’t make up any silly excuses like your buffalo ate your Internet cords.