June 14, 2011

What Anthony Weiner Can Teach Every Businessman in America

By Paul Bieber

Anthony Weiner is a U.S. Congressman from Queens, New York City. He has been in the news lately for first denying that he sent some lewd twitters and messages to women. He originally claimed that someone ‘hacked’ into his personal accounts and sent the photos. A couple of days later he reversed himself, said he did indeed send the messages, and apologized to his pregnant wife, his constituency and to the Congress of the United States.

He then went on to say that this was not a serious enough problem to require him to resign from Congress. That statement is more obscene than the stupid pictures he sent.

When people look up to someone who does something so patently stupid and immature, causing them to become so disappointed that they lose faith in the system—whether it is Congress or your business—employees will lose their desire to work for you.

You are the leader of your business. In our case you are probably in the glass business. You have the responsibility to lead professionally. If you make a mistake like mismeasuring a job, that is part of our lives. But if you make a moral mistake, and your company learns of it, you will no longer have your employees’ respect or enthusiasm to help you run a profitable business.

As an owner or manager you have no choice. You must take responsibility for your actions. No choice. I just heard a follow-up story on CNN where they stated 53% of Weiner’s congressional district thought it was OK for him to stay in his job, while 35% thought he should resign. What would happen in your company if 35% of your employees thought you were unfit to lead. They would begin looking for other employers; they certainly would lose their dedication to your business.

You went into business to create your own future and to make a good living. Don’t let something stupid get in the way. Watch for this in your senior managers, watch for this throughout your organization. Make sure you have a confidential communication system for all employees to contact you in the event they feel there has been sexual or any other type of harrassment.

Don’t let something stupid ruin your life or business.