August 8, 2011

Is Memory the First Thing to Go?

By Paul Bieber

I can still find my keys. When we moved to New Hampshire, it only took me a month to remember our new phone number–and I still know it! I remember most of the players’ names on the NY Mets, but lately, I need to look up the batting averages of the old timers. I run into people who say “hi” to me, and I don’t have the faintest clue who they are.

I am sure that when I got my AARP card there was a secret powder dusted on it that effected memory. My card must have had an extra dose.

Last week I wrote a column about adding color to glass. I remember it–honest. After doing some research the column came out OK. But then I got the email. It scared me. The email was from a man who said he knew me, and why hadn’t I mentioned his very colorful product in my column? At first I thought it was spam, someone trying to link my blog site to their site selling rainbows in a jar. But then, after a minute, it hit. I did know this gentleman. He mentioned we had met at the Northeast Glass Show in March, only five months ago. And I had totally forgotten. And he had a great product!

I asked my wife Elaine, if I was more forgetful, and she said, “No more than usual”. I shivered at that response.

Then I remembered the incident last week. I couldn’t find my car in a parking lot. I bought a new car a couple of weeks ago, and was looking for my old Chevy, which was traded in.

Back to business. Here is the letter I received:


Personally I am worried about you. How’s your memory?

You stopped by the Custom Glass Machinery booth at the Glass Expo Northeast and we spoke at length about Dip-Tech digital ceramic frit printing. I even gave you a place to sit and rest while we did so. Now you blog about color, but alas no mention of digital frit printing which can be found at eight fabricators in North America.

“No respect no respect” as Rodney Dangerfield used to say. Gee, hopefully this provocation has jarred your memory banks back into action. Take care my dear colleague.

Matthew Tangeman
Agent for Dip-tech

The only thing that makes me feel better is that Matthew forgot to put his company’s website in his note. And I remember him as a young guy, too. Take a look at: They have a very interesting process.