August 22, 2011

The Solution That Will Work for Every Glass Shop

By Paul Bieber

So, this past week was not a good one in terms of the US economy. We are all thinking, “What’s next?” I hereby offer every glass shop the answer to increasing sales and making millions. Honest. This Will Work! Don’t you trust me?

I am sitting at my desk working on a project for a consulting customer, and need to print a 28 page document. Hit the print button, 19 pages come out, and the printer stops. Look at the display panel, it says insert a black cartridge to continue printing. I do that, and the wondrous little Hewlitt Packard (HP) printer continues to spit out paper. And the light bulb clicks on over my head.

The printer cost me $199, four years ago and has worked flawlessly. On the back of the scratch pad, I figure I have spent over $1100 on ink and $300 on paper in the four years. HP is a firm of geniuses. Sell the printer cheap, make a fortune on the ink.

So here is what every glass shop should do. Drop the price on every piece of glass you sell. Flat glass or auto. Just about give it away. But, tell the customer that they must clean this glass with your brand of glass cleaner and paper towel. Otherwise, the glass won’t work properly, if at all.

You are now out of the glass business, you are in the cleaning supplies business for glass. You’ll have to build a drive-through window just to sell glass cleaner and paper towels. You will be shipping cleaner and towels everywhere. Price won’t matter. Charge what you want for the paper towels, because your customers will have to buy from you or their glass won’t work!

HP’s sales last year were about $133 Billion. It may take you a couple of years to get to that level of sales of cleaner and towels, so start quickly. You trust me, don’t you?