September 19, 2011

Sometimes It Is Just Too Easy

By Paul Bieber

My blog is published on Tuesdays at USGlass News Network. I start thinking about it on Saturday, and usually have it roughed out by Sunday. Occasionally, my mind goes blank (cut out the wise cracks), and Tuesday morning I am frantically looking for a topic.

But this week is just too easy. There was a story on MSNBC about a Barbecue restaurant that wouldn’t buy a phone directory listing from a local publisher. In apparent retaliation, the salesman for the publisher made up a category called ‘Carcass Removal,’ and listed the restaurant. Here’s the story:

This story was picked up by Jay Leno and used in his monologue, asking, would you go to a Barbecue Rib restaurant listed in the carcass removal section of the phone book?

The restaurant owner found out about it when people called asking to take away dead animals from their farms. Read the story, you will feel that the suit by the restaurant against the phone book company sure sounds valid.

The moral of the story? Check your local phone book for the headings:

  • We break your glass
  • Shower doors that leak
  • Safety glass that isn’t
  • Windows broken
  • Guaranteed heat-loss insulating glass
  • Used glass–cleaned up somewhat
  • Glass wholesalers–we sell glass with a hole in it
  • Bullet proof windshields for your motorcycle
  • Partially tempered glass
  • Picture frames with smudges on the inside

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