October 3, 2011

Have You Hugged A Window Washer Today?

By Paul Bieber

My Brother-In-Law, Les, owns a window washing company in Vermont. He works hard, leaving his house around 5:30 most mornings getting to restaurants and retail stores before their customers start milling around. During the summer it’s OK, but in the winter, he mixes anti-freeze in the water on his truck and works in below zero weather.

So, why is this important to someone in the glass business?

Because Les knows when a window is fogged and he knows when a store front leaks air or water. Les talks with his customers every day, and they talk about their windows and entrances. And when people finally ask him about upgrading their store front, he knows who to recommend. Does he recommend you?

Translate this to the thousands of commercial window washers with at least a couple in the trading area of every one reading this, and you have a convergence of businesses that can help each other. Window washers see your customers more often than you! They can be your best friend in getting leads! Add to this the residential windows that are cleaned, and you have a great source of leads.

On the other hand, you should recommend a good window washer after you do an install. You just put in a new storefront. If the customer doesn’t keep it clean, they will blame you in year when the glass is stained. Give the name of a reliable window washer in your area and you will have less call back problems!

It is a perfectly equal relationship. You will help each other on just about every job that either one of you works on. A good window washer won’t use razor blades on coated glass. They know how to deal with our products.

So, if you run into Les, give him a hug. You’ll recognize him, he has a squeegee stuck in his belt.