December 27, 2011

A Very Hippo New Year

By Paul Bieber

Sure, you read it right. Hippo, not Happy.

Here is why you should have a very happy Hippo New Year:

  • The male hippo weighs an average of 3300-4000 pounds, with the heaviest recorded at 9900 pounds.
  • The female only weighs 2900-3300 pounds.
  • Hippos are from 11 to 17 feet long, with tiny feet and legs.
  • Hippos almost always live in a river bed, in the mud or with 95% of their body under water. So, you have big, old, weirdly shaped animal who lives in the mud, and can’t do much except eat 150 pounds of grass a day and make babies.

So you think they are simply a dumb, muddy, fat but cute animal. Boy, are you wrong about hippos.

  • On land they run up to 19 mph, faster than we can.
  • They swim underwater at 5 mph, coming up for air once only every 5 minutes. We can swim 1/2 that speed, above water!
  • The bulls are very protective of their wives and their children.

So if you see only 5% of something, you have to do research before you form an opinion. If you see an empty building about to be renovated, find out if it is a project for you. If a weird customer walks in, listen to the complete job they need done before you say you are not interested. A geeky guy comes in looking for a job, and before you say, “Are you kidding?”, he fixes that computer bug you have had for three months.

Let’s start the new year with an open mind on every possible business action. Don’t say “No”, before you do the homework.

Lastly, from my family to yours: Have a healthy, hippo happy, safe and prosperous New Year.