April 10, 2012

New Year’s Wishes and Resolutions

By Paul Bieber

A note from Paul: This is a blog that you leave around the house. Cut off this top section at the dotted line and let your spouse or significant other just happen to see it. Now, I am not a voyeur, but if you get a hug, drop me an email!



Hey out there, you are among the luckiest people in the world. You are near a glass worker, the best people around. Glass workers are universally great people and they deserve hugs at every opportunity. Glass workers work hard, lifting, moving heavy glass, driving trucks, and in a glass shop office, dealing with customers who bring in measurements based on the length of a string.

Glass workers are more than industrial workers. They have to be furniture movers after putting a mirror on the wall. They are psychologists when after they have moved the furniture and put up the mirror, the customer says they don’t look young in the new mirror.

They are negotiators, after moving the furniture, hanging the mirror, soothing the ego, and then the customer says, even though I might look good in the mirror, take 10% off and I will look better!

Glass workers are in large companies and small, and each one has its own stress, making each worker need a hug. Glass workers have problems too. If they do their work well, people just look through it, and don’t realize how hard it was to install. If a glass worker repairs a broken pane, the customer is just back where they started, and don’t feel the glass worker has helped! When glass workers put in low-e glass, which saves the customer money, the customer is glad the energy bill is down, but don’t give the credit to the glass worker.

If you are in a trade related to our glass industry, like being a blogger, (that’s a hint, Elaine), or you make insulating glass, or you write software to help glass companies send out their invoices, you deserve a hug too!

So, you see, if you live with or care about a glass worker, give her or him a hug. You are helping America, and of course, helping a glass worker.

This message is brought to you as a public service by The UnderHugged Glass Workers of America.