July 31, 2012

The Average Glass Company Employee Goes for the Gold

By Paul Bieber

Of course these exist. You doubt me? Everyday, in every glass company you have employees who excel in something. It’s up to you to recognize these achievements and react accordingly!

Let’s look at the events:

  • Most consecutive days starting on time–the winner gets a proud handshake and a $25 gas card.
  • Least consecutive days starting on time–the winner of this category loses their job.
  • The team with the cleanest truck–each member of this team gets a $10 Visa gift card.
  • The team with the dirtiest truck–these guys get a slap in the head, a warning, and the job of cleaning theirs and three other trucks, daily for two weeks.
  • The crew that turns in all their paperwork, correctly signed and organized, for five straight days, gets a sincere thanks.
  • The crew that always misses one page, goes back to third grade, gets their knuckles whacked with a ruler, and told to shape up.

The most important series of events are “THE SAFETY EVENTS:”

  • A driver who goes three years without an accident, moving violation, or doesn’t lose a load, get’s a gold medal, and a seriously good prize.
  • A driver who goes two years gets the silver medal and a free oil-change coupon.
  • A driver who goes one year gets the bronze medal and a warning that his next medal had better be a gold.
  • And for the driver who gets two tickets, or two accidents in one year, he gets shown the door, which shouldn’t hit him on his way out of your company.
  • Every employee who goes five years without a lost-time accident earns gold and a seriously good prize.
  • Three years earns the silver and a $50 gift card.
  • Two years earns the bronze and a $20 gas card.
  • And for the employees who has an accident, he gets drug- and alcohol-tested.  If he fails the test he earns the right to collect unemployment.
  • The gold medal for wearing safety gear goes the employee who has not been written up for not wearing safety gear for five years, along with a special dinner for the employee and spouse.
  • The silver medal is for three years, along with a $25 gas card.
  • Bronze is earned by an employee who goes one year, along with a handshake from the whole crew.
  • And, the employee who is written up three times in a year gets shown the door, which shouldn’t hit him on the way out.

OK, you get the hint … reward the employees that help the business to grow and prosper; recycle the ones who don’t.