October 22, 2012

My Last Chance At A Baseball Blog This Year

By Paul Bieber

Some random thoughts on baseball and the glass business.

“You can’t steal second base if your foot is still on first.”  If you want something, business growth, a new customer or a big contract, you have to take a lead; you don’t stand a chance if you stand there and count on the next batter to get a hit to move you ahead.

I’ve applied for the job as the manager of the Boston Red Sox.  I stand a real good chance of getting it.  I coached little kids in baseball for a dozen years.  Managing the kids in Boston would be no different.  The only thing left is the negotiation for the manager’s salary.  I’ve told the Red Sox I will pay whatever they ask.

Yogi Berra–“99% of baseball is half-mental.”  The glass business is no different.  Yes there is a lot of physical work, but if your most important tool is not your brain, don’t count on finishing the game.

“There’s always next year.”  Works for the Mets, but not for your company.  If you don’t succeed this year, next year is doubtful.

“Use two hands to catch a ball.”  Coach Paul to my little players.  Learn the fundamentals, and you’ll have a solid game.  Just like the glass industry.  Understand low-e; do quality work and clean-up after your job.  You’ll stand a better chance of making the big leagues.

“There’s no room for booze in baseball.”–anonymous big leaguer.  Same thing at your company.  On the job safety doesn’t have booze in it either.

Unless you are sitting in the bleachers on a hot July day, then that beer is delicious.  But you can’t run your business from the bleachers in July.

I’m pulling for Detroit.  The city needs all the good cheer it can get.  Which will help business; even our business.  Also, Verlander is just super.  He deserves a ring.

Is there a player on your team…someone in your company who deserves a ring?  Don’t forget to say thank you to your all-stars at work.

Joe Torre—“When we lost I couldn’t sleep at night.  When we win I can’t sleep at night.  But when you win, you wake up feeling better.”  The glass business is no different.  It keeps owners and managers up at night.  Try to earn a little bit of profit each day, teach an employee a new skill, call on three potential new accounts daily, and you’ll wake up feeling better.

George Brett—“If a tie is like kissing your sister, losing is like kissing your grandmother with her teeth out.”  Remember this one, no matter what business you are in.

Coach Paul to my kids—“When you get a $2 million sneaker contract, you can do what you want at bat.  Until then, we play as a team.”  Running your business as a team is the surest way to succeed.  All Stars are important, but it takes a team to win.