November 6, 2012

It’s Time To Plan Your End-Of-Year Programs

By Paul Bieber

But first, if you haven’t voted yet, that is more important. You can read this later.

OK, let’s talk about planning for the end of the year, and you have a couple of different ones:

  1. Most small business have 12/31 as their fiscal year-end, so you have to get your books and records together.
  2. Many companies have their employee payroll and benefits on a 12/31 year end.
  3. Every company has a calendar year-end, where you plan your days to be closed, employee parties, and customer, vendor and employee gifts.

Year-end requires a lot of work on your part, but even more important is the new year!  Last year is history, and the knowledge you gain from the year should be used to help with the year coming.

Your first plan is covering your staffing needs during the upcoming holidays.  Who has vacation?  What jobs have you scheduled?  Which jobs must be done so your customers can hold their holiday parties?  Have you confirmed the orders with your fabricator and given yourself time if the glass comes in scratched or with the hole in the wrong place?  Not that this would ever happen…

Short blog today…next week we will begin to cover the plans in depth.

But, here is a second thought.  I just read about the acquisition of Solar Seal by Consolidated Glass.  Solar Seal is one of the great family companies in the glass industry on the East Coast.  In 1976, when I started in the glass industry they were ahead of the industry making high-quality insulating glass, and then, I believe, had the first flat tempering oven in the United States, or at least the East Coast.  As the local CR Laurence salesman, I learned the industry in their plant.  The whole family was eager to work with and share knowledge with me.  I appreciated it then, and still do now. Congratulations to the Shaw family for working hard all these years and maintaining their position as a high-quality and innovative fabricator.  I wish them the the best in this new chapter of their lives.

Also, congratulations to the team at Consolidated Glass.  They are certainly making their mark in our industry, putting together a very strong team of companies.  I wish them well.