December 18, 2012

And Happy Holidays To All

By Paul Bieber

Except for one holiday.  In the Mayan calendar, the world is supposed to end on Friday.  This would not be a happy holiday for most of us.  I really don’t believe this will happen, but just in case, it really has been nice knowing you.  Honest. 

We should, though, plan on the earth surviving, so let’s go forward with our holiday plans.  Look around: there are people helping others, serving food at community kitchens, giving toys to the Marine Corps Toys-for-Tots and ten of thousands of other acts of goodwill towards all.  It makes the continuation of living a good thing.

With the tragic shooting in Newtown, our tv screens and inboxes are full of horrific pictures and thoughts.  The best things we can do are to teach our children to be kind to others, and to do so ourselves. 

Elaine and I wish all the readers of this column a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah,  a Fine Kwanza, or an enjoyable holiday, not matter what you celebrate.  I am taking next week off, see you in 2013.