December 11, 2012

Have A Great Time At Your Company Party!

By Paul Bieber

Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Wonderful Kwanza and a Happy New Year.  It’s party time all across the country and while the glass industry has no reason to cheer 2012, maybe we can toast the coming year.   Most glass shops, fabricators and suppliers will have a party, some small around the cutting table, some in the ballroom at a nice hotel. 

Holiday parties are a great chance to meet spouses of employees.  It’s a great opportunity to show off your facility or be a gracious host.  The investment, if you have the cash available, is a worthwhile one to say thanks to your employees.

Some dos and don’ts:

  • Do invite spouses.  Learn their names in advance and try to greet each one as they enter.  Answer their questions about your company, your corner of the shop or your shift.
  • Do have a nice spread, whether just appetizers, deserts or a whole meal, but don’t go overboard.  People are coming for friendship of the season, not a gourmet meal.  Don’t spend just to impress folks.
  • Do give a short speech, thanking the whole company.  Short means five minutes.  Don’t have your second drink before the speech. 
  • Do set-up designated drivers or have a taxi company on standby.  Don’t encourage heavy drinking by having shots with each table!  Don’t get drunk yourself.  For you this is a business event, not a personal party.  Do try to limit drinking by having only wine and beer, and closing the bar early. 
  • Don’t do or say anything you don’t want to see on YouTube the next day.  Everyone has a cellphone camera, and they love to catch the boss kissing a co-worker. 
  • Do try to learn a greeting in the primary language of your workers.  You’ll hit a home run with this.
  • Do dress up, but don’t wear a lot of jewelry.  If you can afford to give your spouse diamonds, why were the raises so small this year?

And the most important DO, do enjoy your own party.  Spend time with people, not worrying about what’s coming out of the kitchen!