January 15, 2013

Do You Have Your Super Bowl Ad or Sales Promotion Ready?

By Paul Bieber

You know it is coming…Sunday, February 3rd. It is the largest selling pizza day of the year along with enough beer to float a battleship.  If you are a glass shop and pizza parlor, what a deal. But if you are only a regular glass shop, how do you benefit by the Super Bowl?

There are many things you can do. 

  • Decorate your storefront and make it inviting for potential customers to come in and look around. 
  • Have a Super Bowl party on the next two Saturday mornings…put out some nachos and dips, and some hot dogs.  Advertise your party and get customers to come on down.
  • Place ads in local newspapers stating that anyone who comes in wearing a football team shirt, any team, gets 10% off on a new shower door, or mirror, or whatever you want to feature.
  • Buy football jerseys for your employees; take a picture and submit it to the local paper’s business section.  You may get some good publicity.
  • Contact a local sporting goods store and set up a dual display…they can put a football section in your showroom, and you can put a shower door display in their’s.
  • Go on Ebay and buy some sort of football memorabilia.  Then advertise a raffle, no purchase required, for this item.  All people have to do is stop in at your store.  This also helps build a mailing list.  Be sure to get email addresses, and state on the entry form that they customer agrees to receive emails from you.
  • Place an ad for the day after the Super Bowl stating, “EVERYONE IS A WINNER AT JOE’S GLASS”, with your super sale on energy effecient low-e windows.
  • For the non-believers, (of which I am one) have a spring-training sale.  Baseball is only weeks away, and customers should start thinking about their outdoor patio furniture, failed IG units, or new windows to let the breezes blow in.
  • If you are in a hockey town, celebrate that the skaters are back with a special sale on something. 

The Super Bowl is the single largest marketing event in the regular business year.  The Olympics come around every couple of years, and you really can’t make a sale based on President Obama’s upcoming inauguration.  So, football it is.  Have fun, pick-up the spirits of your employees, gain some customers, and be sure to buy a good supply of Tums for all the junk food you will eat.