May 7, 2013

A Glazier’s Job Gets Highest Rating!!!

By Paul Bieber

Read it here first. Or ctually second, as I read about this in my local Sunday paper.  Here’s the story:  CareerCast is a respected job placement agency (  Each year they review their job listings and the economy to come up with a listing of the best jobs along with the ‘not-so-best’ jobs.  They take four main criteria into their rankings… 1) Work Environment; 2) Income; 3) Stress; and 4) Outlook.  They assign rating points to various aspects of each of these four categories, with the higher the point rating the more it impacts on the job.   For example, here are the point ratings, from their website, for Stress:

Travel, amount of0-10
Growth Potential(income divided by 100)
Working in the public-eye0-5
Physical demands (stoop, climb, etc.)0-14
Environmental conditions0-13
Own life at risk0-8
Hazards encountered0-5
Meeting the public0-8
Life of another at risk0-10


As you can see, CareerCast has done a thorough job of preparing these criteria.  They also mention that they study the Bureau of Labor Statistics for a significant part of their data.  Okay, now to the rankings themselves.

The number 1 job was “Actuary.” Oh well, since we are in the glass industry, that career did not include us. Where are we and how do we rate compared to other comparable jobs?

Glazier is 59 on the list.

Architect is 61.

Plumber is 66.

Electrician is 76.

Iron worker is 118.

Carpenter is 147.

Construction worker is 171.

Painter is 174.

Roofer is 192.

So, in the building trades, being a glazier received the highest score!  Maybe the grass isn’t greener in some other trade … although we always think it is.  Go to their website ( for the full details and show them to your employees.  Remind them that while other jobs open up, being a glazier tops them all in the building trades. 

This brings us to USGlass’ and Bieber Consulting’s rank.  It seems that Management Consultant comes in at 48, which makes me feel good.  On the other hand, my first book is being published in a couple of months, and Author is 156.  Do I average these two scores?  But wait, what is the 200th ranked job? Ouch, this hurts. Number 200 is Reporter, which is what I do when writing this blog.  Do I now average all three?  I am going down hill quickly.  Help me.

P.S. Publication Editor is 168. It is a high stress job with strong deadlines. I offer a sincere “thank you” for their efforts to Deb Levy, Ellen Rogers and Penny Stacey, the genius team behind USGlass Magazine and the daily newsletter.