May 28, 2013

Yes, I Still Root, Root, Root For The NY Mets

By Paul Bieber

I have lived in New Hampshire, one of the states in the Red Sox Nation, for almost seven years.  I still root for my Mets, even this year when the Mets are already in double digits in games out of first place.They were my team for the 28 years we lived in the NY area. And, I am loyal to my teams.  It took me a couple of years to adopt the Mets, after living in Cleveland and Boston, but the Mets did indeed become my boys.

“Hold it right there buddy”, yells the ump.  You can’t live in New Hampshire and not support the Sox.  He has a good point.  I do follow the Sox, but if both teams are playing, I’ll always watch the Mets game.  I’ll read the Mets news first when I start my computer in the morning.

It is called loyalty.

Do you have customers that are loyal to you?  Why are they so loyal that you can be 2% higher on a bid and still get the job?  Is it because they know you will consistently do a good job for them?  Is it because of a sincere friendship?  Is it because your team at work, works well together to service your customers?  Yes, yes, and yes.  Loyalty is a two-way street.  You go out of your way for the customers that are loyal to you, continuing to earn their respect and future business. 

So, why not do that for all of your customers, and turn them into loyal followers of your team at work.  We all know some customers will sell you down the river if you are a thin dime higher on a job.  They will never be loyal to a vendor.  But, I bet there are quite a few customers on your bid list that can be turned to loyal fans of yours.  Go out of your way for all customers; instill this in your team, and you will create a larger fan club.

Why is your best customer loyal to you?  Write down all the answers to this question.  Now take these attributes of your company and spread them to three other customers.  In six monthes, one or two of them will have totally joined your fan base. 

Paul’s note:  Speaking of loyal, good luck tonight to Lyle Hill’s Blackhawks in their 7th game.  Lyle has been loyal to them for ever, good years and bad.  I hope you win this one, Lyle.