July 16, 2013

The Following Is An Absolutely True Story

By Paul Bieber


Would I ever make anything up just to get laugh?  Never.

Would I stretch a story just a little bit? This may have happened once or twice when I was in high school.

Last week, I visited a major east coast glazing contractor.  (I can’t mention the name because this was a consulting client.)  After a two-hour meeting, I asked to visit the men’s room.  I was directed to the men’s room in the metal fabrication shop.  On the sink counter, there was a two-foot high stack of magazines.  Looking at them, they were all MAXIM, a magazine more known for string bikinis than information for the glass industry.  Of course, I thought this to be an odd choice of fine literature for the men’s room.

But then, I saw it.  The third magazine down, in this stack of a hundred, was USGlass — our magazine.  My chest burst with pride.  Someone, three people back, had read USGlass when he had a choice — string bikinis or learning more about everything that has to do with glass.

I knew right then and there that this company’s situation would be resolved.

The moral of the story?  Well, I guess there really isn’t one that fits other than to say keep reading USGlass and only occasionally look at a string bikini in the men’s room.