August 27, 2013

Every Once In A While, We All Need A Reality Check

By Paul Bieber

As a reader of my blog, you are probably a reader of Deb Levy’s blog on Mondays.  This week she discussed how our friend and co-worker Lyle Hill has been hit with an aggressive form of cancer.  The good news is that it was caught early, and while the treatment is strong and uncomfortable, the long-term prognosis is good.

Whew.  Everyone one in our glass industry either knows Lyle, reads his column and blog, or was his competitor, customer or supplier.  Lyle, we are all cheering for you to so you can attend next year’s Blackhawk’s Stanley Cup Parade.

My regular weekly blog usually has some advice for improving a business or the employees in it, or maybe something about baseball.  Not this week.  I have spent a couple of days thinking about life and want to share some thoughts.

  • Don’t go to bed angry, with anyone, most especially your bed-mate.
  • All work and no play make you an ornery old cuss.
  • Smell those darn flowers.
  • Your kid’s school science project is more important than that memo from the office.  If the office thinks it is more important, look for a new office to hang your hat in.
  • See your Doctor regularly and whenever something weird pops up, listen to the advice you get. Your doctor knows more than you do.
  • You and your employees will be more valuable to your company if you each take your scheduled vacations.  Spending time with your family is almost always better than spending time on the job.

And so on.