September 17, 2013

Do You Have A Coloring Book?

By Paul Bieber

Sure you do, everyone does.  For your kids, your grandchildren or, if you are really honest…you ask for the crayons and color the placemat at your favorite family restaurant.  Holding that red Crayola in your hand feels somewhere between fantastic and delicious.

Why is this the lead to my glass blog?

I had the privilege of attending the GlassBuild show last week in Atlanta, joining the team from USGlass.  As I walked the show, there were the booths of handling equipment, edgers, tools and supplies.  The big fabricators and distributors had a tough day deciding on which machines fit them the best.  But what about the everyday glass shop and glazing contractors?  What will impact your future?

It is color.  Color is still growing in the glass industry.  Gardner’s Dream Walls Color Glass is available to everyone.  Ask your fabricator or distributor, or contact Gardner at  There are others out there as well.  Check with your distributor for the product they carry.  If they haven’t seen the light yet, ask other distributors in your area for back-painted glass.

Use this glass in kitchens, bathrooms or anywhere you would use any glass product.  It can liven up a room like no other product in our industry.

Color takes other forms as well.  Etched and pattern glass was everywhere.  Many new patterns and styles of glass were on display, for the bath and shower door market as well as commercial usages, being suggested for conference rooms and decorative walls.

Switchable glass was shown by a half-dozen folks.  This is the glass that goes from clear to opaque, and some products to degrees in the middle.  It is expensive, but worth it for the right installation.

As a glass retailer, or even distributor or fabricator, don’t wait for these products to come to you.  Go after them.  Google all of the references here and start learning.  Study the articles in USGlass.  Go through the history at and learn from past articles.  The search box is right at the top of the opening page.

Color your world profitable if you sell these value-added products.