October 29, 2013

Chicago, “The Broken Tomato,” the Red Sox and a Glass Prediction

By Paul Bieber

Hi. My blogs usually contain just one subject, but today is different. Four seprate topics, all related by location and time. Chicago truly is America’s great city in so many ways. And to boot, it is America’s first city of architecture with some of the most exciting buildings in our country. Chicago also has the Cubs, the Pier, The Egg, Lyle, and a 1964 song by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen from the movie Robin and the Seven Hoods. “My kind of Town (Chicago Is)” was sung by Frank Sinatra and was nominated for an Oscar for best song of the year. The musical play Chicago is running on Broadway since 1996; the the movie won an Oscar for best picture. But, the best part of Chicago, this Thursday and Friday at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center in Schaumburg, is Glass Expo Midwest™.

If you are in the Midwest, you should attend this trade show and educational seminar wonderland. You’ll learn more about glass, and you’ll meet other glaziers and contractors, vendors and friends. See what is new in our industry and what will impact us for the next couple of years.  

So, what is The Broken Tomato? This is the title of Lyle Hill’s new book, which will be available at the Glass Expo. Speaking as an insider, I guarantee you’ll love it. Due to illness, Lyle may not be able to join us at the Expo, but his book will. Lyle Hill is Chicago and glass all rolled up into one screaming Blackhawks fan. We’re pulling for your speedy recovery.

I hope to meet my readers at the Expo as well. I’ll be pushing my new book, Solutions to Everyday Business Problems, and will autograph your purchase at the show.

In September I predicted the Tigers beating the Dodgers for the World Series. Shame on me. I predicted against my hometown Red Sox. I am a Mets fan, but the Red Sox are my hometown team, as I live in New England. So, I can now predict the Red Sox will win this year’s series. Guaranteed. There will be a lot of St. Louis fans at the Glass Expo; too bad, guys–it will hurt, but there is always next year and you have a great group of young players.

And now for my glass prediction. Apple Computer will impact our glass industry like no other company has in the last 20 years. First a little history. I am a confirmed PC person. I am jealous of the some of the fantastic features Apple has created and their over-the-top fantastic marketing programs. But, I don’t like their proprietary look at life. It is Apple or nothing. My way or the highway. If I had been just a little less stubborn ten years ago and bought some Apple stock, which has gone up from about $10 to around $535 a share, I probably would have a different attitude, of course. That being said, what is Apple going to do for our our industry?

It will influence architecture with its new headquarters building like no other single project will ever do. The Apple stores are a love song to glass; their new headquarters, everything Apple, always is. The largest glass panes in the world will be there, the most exciting designs will be there, and the publicity and hype will be there. Watch for this building; be prepared for the onslaught of architects and owners coming to you asking for more information and specs about building with glass.

See you later this week in Chicago.